Monday, January 14, 2013

Instant Gratification: M5248

Geisha Girl flannel PJ pants

While working on V8815, I desperately needed something to go my way, enter McCall's 5248.
  I've worked with this pattern before, so cranking out these pajama bottoms took no time and it was a perfect IGP (instant gratification project).

I picked up the fabric just before the holidays when Jo-Ann's was selling flannel for 1.99/yard.  It's very cute.
 I finished this project is under two hours, a record for me.  I guess I'm getting good at pajamas!  Now, back to that peplum top...

Vogue 8815: The Muslin

I'm taking an online class on fitting with Craftsy and the sample pattern is Vogue 8815.  It's a peplum top that I probably wouldn't make if it weren't for the class. 
Vogue 8815, View A
Depending on how this all goes, I'm thinking of using this pattern for a white eyelet top I'm planning to make for the spring/summer.  I would underline the bodice with cotton batiste and perhaps leave the peplum unlined.

I made the muslin, using the methods from the class, including a full bust adjustment.  The bust adjustment added side darts.  Here's the front view:

It's not bad, but I'm having issues with the waist darts.  The armscye is too low in front, so I'll need to add on to that.  I made the usual adjustment for my sloping shoulders.

The back darts seem okay but I need to curve the back seam.  I knew I'd need to do that but I wanted to insert a zipper first to get an accurate look at the front fit.  I guess I'll take out the zipper now and curve that seam. 
I posted these photos to the class forum and asked for help with fitting the front, but I have yet to hear back.  In the meantime, I'm making a pair of flannel lounging pants for my lounging daughter. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Simplicity 1934 Christmas Apron

I saw this Mickey Mouse fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics and knew I had to make an apron for my niece.  She loves to cook and loves Mickey Mouse - perfect gift.

I decided upon Simplicity 1934, View C because it's just so pretty and feminine with the ruffles and gathered bodice, very nice.

The fabric is cotton, but very thin cotton, so I chose to underline it with muslin.  I thought it would be a good idea especially for an apron that will probably get lots of use.  To underline, I cut the bodice and skirt pieces from both the Mickey Mouse fabric and the muslin and basted them together  before constructing the apron.  With underlining, the two joined fabrics are treated as one.  Here you can see the inside of the apron:

The contrast fabric is green and red holly on a white background, which I thought would work well for ruffling.

Gathering the ruffles was a little time consuming, but the most time was spent on all of the narrow hemming.  Basically, every edge of the apron is hemmed.  I was afraid that the muslin underlining would add too much bulk for the narrow hems, but it was fine.  I wonder how the apron might look with a bias tape edge instead of a narrow hem?
Well, I consider this project a success.  I was happy with the result and, more importantly, my niece loves her apron.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sewing for Children Contest

I joined a contest on!  I'm planning to make a pair of Hello Kitty pajamas for my good friend's daughter.  She's a sweetheart and big Hello Kitty fan.

Here's the fabric:
Hello Kitty flannel from Jo-Anns

And here's the pattern:

According to contest rules, I can't begin real work on the project until December 1st.  I can tweak the pattern and even make a muslin before then, but that's it.  So that means I have time to finish a skirt I started about six months ago.  It's crazy how the time flies right by when you're in the middle of a project!

How about you?  Do you have any unfinished projects right now?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A New Direction

Like Tony in "West Side Story," I felt something coming . . . 
The air was humming . . .
with discontent mostly. 
I called it loneliness and boredom, blaming 20+ years of staying at home -- and a 45th birthday looming ahead.

I joined about a dozen Meet-Up groups, started hanging out with strangers, and then it happened.  As I was getting a manicure and describing my son's over the top birthday party, my nail technician said, "You should start a business."  So I did!

Imagine a Party was born August 13th.
So I'm no longer bored or lonely, just excited and busy.  I've been thinking about how my sewing fits into this new equation, and I've got a few ideas.  So stay tuned. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Finished Sorbetto

I finished the Sorbetto top about a week ago.  The overall effect is a little more sporty than I had imagined, but that might have more to do with the pants I'm wearing than the top.

I have to show off the topstitching on this project, because it's always been very hard for me to stitch a straight line.  The secret was to go very slow, and have lots of light.

Bias tape trim on neckline and arm holes.

I made two rows of stitches at the bottom hem.

It's hard to believe such a simple top required so much effort, but it's cute and it fits!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Natural Fibers Contest, I'm In!

I just entered the Natural Fibers Contest on!

Here are the rules:

Make an item using only 100% natural fibres- silk, wool, cotton, linen, hemp or bamboo. For this contest, blends are not allowed. The fibre that you use must be 100% ONE fibre. Ie 100% silk NOT 50 silk/50 bamboo

Lining and/or trims do not have to be a natural fibre. 

Any wearable item is acceptable. A skirt, dress, pants, or coat for a woman, man or child.

Home Dec and accessories are not a part of this contest. 
Photos are always a necessary part of a contest entry. At least one photo of the finished garment is necessary. 

A review must be written and the PR member must enter the contest and link the review to the contest by 11:59pm of the last day of the contest.

I participated in the costume contest last September and it was great incentive to complete my son's pirate costume before Halloween.
Pirate costume McCall's 4952

Trick or Treat!

Now I just need to decide what to make for this contest.  Unfortunately the white eyelet I just purchased is a cotton/poly blend, and the Anne Klein linen I scored at Vogue Fabrics is a linen/silk blend. Hmmm...